ÖZER MAKİNA, entered into miller machines sectors in 1998 in which are mostly needed nowadays, becomes more popular by consistently developing itself in the course of time and always manufacturing the best products.




With its wide product range, its high manufacturing capacity, its sense of quality, its technical information and equipment, it became a brand which is sought in the field of miller machine sector at both national and international market.




ÖZER DEĞİRMEN; gained its success by the means of service that focuses on quality and is provided by itself together with staff consisting of acknowledged experts, and of rapid solutions that it offered for problems and complains related to the products and of confidence that it assured because of these.





ÖZER DEĞİRMEN which has become one of the important companies in its sector as a result of that it accommodated to its aims and to changing market conditions within the time from its date of establishment to the present, thanks to its customers for their contributions to this process, and in the future, by means of its qualified products and services, it will continue to be a brand which is preferred in miller machines sectors.